About us

Hi, we’re Zeza and Zeca. We’re a couple on our late 20s, living in Porto, Portugal, around where both of us were born and brought up. In our research to find the magic formula to allow us to travel for a living, we keep working our 09h to 18h day jobs, so we can use our 22 days of paid vacation per year for some fieldwork.


The way we travel

It seems that we’re in a time when people need to find a larger-than-life justification as to why they travel. Some travel to engage in or learn about different cultures. Others travel to challenge themselves. To flee from their daily routine, for personal growth, to motivate others to travel.

I guess any of these is as good a reason to pack a backpack and leave as any. If ever there was a need for one. As for ourselves, I’d say we travel for none of the above. Or for all of the above. Risking possible unpopularity or accusations of vanity, I’d say we travel for fun.

And if we happen to have fun while engaging in or learning about different cultures, while challenging ourselves, while fleeing from our daily routine, while growing personally, while motivating others to travel, that’s great.

So we search for fun around this rock, trying to experience the most out of the places we visit. To open ourselves to any changes those experiences might generate in us. And more importantly, to take time to step back and soak in what we just saw, heard, did or felt.

We plan our trips thoroughly, and it is part of our trips’ plan to trip unplannedly. There’s nothing more exciting than entering a restaurant you never heard of and ordering something you have no idea of what it is.


The blog

In this page there are no rankings, best times to visit or reasons why you should visit a given place. We don’t think we are knowledgeable enough, nor do we pretend to have any kind of authority, to address such subjective matters like what are the top ten beaches in Thailand, if Bavaria’s better in Summer or Winter, or why should Santiago de Chile be the next place on your bucket list.

We made this blog so we can share our own experiences. What you will find here are stories, first person reports of a few episodes of our trips. We describe what we did or saw, discuss the way we felt and throw in our opinions. These are our own, reflect our background and our understanding of reality, and are not meant to hurt or offend anyone.


The name

In 1415, at the dawn the Age of Discoveries, a mighty fleet led by Henry the Navigator left Porto to conquer the North African city of Ceuta, taking along the city’s entire supply of meat. Left with just the offal, the city’s inhabitants created a makeshift recipe which would change the city’s demonym forever. Today, “Tripas à Moda do Porto”, or Tripe Porto-style, served with white beans, carrots, pork and rice, is the gastronomic delight of the city, whose inhabitants are called “Tripeiros”, tripe eaters.

The name of our blog intends to express our love of traveling the world, but also of our place in it. Our stories are best told when our slang portrays our feelings, best heard when Port softens our voices, best enjoyed when our friends and family’s laughs fill the room.